Calgary Radio Host Katie Summers Accuses Hedley's Jacob Hoggard of Sexual Misconduct

Calgary Radio Host Katie Summers Accuses Hedley's Jacob Hoggard of Sexual Misconduct
Another allegation of sexual misconduct has been laid against Canadian pop-rock group Hedley, as Calgary radio host Katie Summers has accused frontman Jacob Hoggard of making lewd comments and touching her inappropriately during a radio appearance.

"This person who sings in this band made a really inappropriate comment to me and also touched me inappropriately," Summers said in a video, which can be viewed below. "And that person was Jacob Hoggard from Hedley."

Summers is the co-host of AMP Mornings with Katie and Ed on Calgary's 90.3 AMP radio station. She explained that her encounter with Hoggard took place seven years ago, when Hedley was appearing at the station.

When she told Hoggard that she was a longtime fan of his music, he allegedly replied with a crude comment. According to Summers, he said, "'Oh cool, well maybe if you're lucky I'll let you come out into the back alley with me and' — I don't want to say it because it's graphic — but he basically said I could give him oral sex, if I was lucky."

From there, she said he "gave my butt a quick little slap and out the door he went." Global News spoke with a witness who said they saw Hoggard grab Summers' buttocks, but the witness could not remember his inappropriate comments.

"In that moment, I really just chalked it up to obnoxious behaviour," Summers said, adding that she was hesitant to come forward because she didn't want to be the whistleblower credited with ruining a career.

As previously reported, Hedley withdrew from the Junos earlier this month after organizers cancelled their performance in the wake of the allegations brought up against the band via the #outHedley2k18 social media campaign. The band have faced numerous allegations, including a recent CBC report accusing Jacob Hoggard of rape

At this time, no formal charges have been laid against Hedley and no allegations have been proven in a court of law.

"I'm definitely not saying he raped somebody or did any of the things he's being accused of, but this is what he did to me," Summers added.

Watch her full discussion of the alleged incident below.