Palms "Future Warrior" (video)

Palms 'Future Warrior' (video)
Palms, the supergroup comprising Deftones' Chi Moreno and former members of Isis, have let loose an earth-sign celebrating new video behind their self-titled debut's "Future Warrior."

While often showcasing breathtaking scenic shots of deserts and cloudscapes, the video also gives us a glimpse of a through-and-through water baby sublimely swimming in her swimming pool, and later in the open ocean. As Moreno croons "I notice something's wrong," we realize the woman's being watched by a distraught creeper, who tears his hair in anguish at the sight of her. There's a brief chase scene late in the vid, which culminates in a rather illuminating ending.

You can see for yourself how things pan out for the pair down below.