Terror 'The Twenty Fifth Hour' (album stream)

Terror 'The Twenty Fifth Hour' (album stream)
Less than 24 hours remain before California bruisers Terror put out their next LP, The Twenty Fifth Hour. Lucky for you, though, the veteran hardcore crew are streaming the album in its entirety ahead of time. Pit bosses of the world, get ready to throw down the gauntlets in your living room, because you can hear the album right now.

The title track is a quick and brutal intro to the LP, while vicious and mean tracks like "No Time for Fools" continue the band's destructive path. Also include are previously revealed tracks like "Mind at War" and "Solution."

If you've found that your days have been desperately lacking the tough-guy screams of Scott Vogel, you can take in all of Terror's latest set of missives down below.
Terror - The 25th Hour Album Stream

Stream "The 25th Hour" now! Pre-order packages are available at http://www.victorymerch.com/store/terror0:00 - The 25th Hour1:21 - No Time For Fools2:55 - Bad Signs4:07 – Feed The Rats5:15 – The Solution7:07 – Blinded By The Lights9:35 – Trust No Face10:39 – Why?12:16 – Mind At War13:47 - Snap15:02 – Sick And Tired16:10 – Life Goes On18:32 – Both Of You20:39 – Deep Rooted

Posted by Victory Records on Thursday, August 6, 2015