Travis Barker Calls Rap Haters "Nazi Bastards"

Travis Barker Calls Rap Haters 'Nazi Bastards'
Lightning-fast Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has temporarily ditched the arena-ready punk game for an excursion into rap music with guest-heavy album Give the Drummer Some and mixtape Let the Drummer Get Wicked. The decision has been met with some resistance from his rock-oriented fans, to which Barker has offered an unkind response.

Speaking with Complex, Barker explained that he's loving this foray into the world of hip-hop. "It seems like I have more in common -- or hit it off better -- with rappers than fools that are in rock music," he said.

It didn't end with calling rock musicians "fools," as Barker had even harsher words for his detractors. "I got people who were mad when I played the Grammys [in 2010] with Wayne, Drake and Eminem," he recalled. "They'll be like, 'Stop playing this rap shit!' It's like, 'fuck you, man! Open up your ears, you Nazi bastard. Don't be so closed-minded.'"

There you have it, straight from Travis Barker's mouth.