Ennio Morricone Unveils New Book 'In His Own Words'

Ennio Morricone Unveils New Book 'In His Own Words'
With countless soundtracks and library albums to his name, Ennio Morricone stands as one of cinema's true musical masters. Now he'll be telling his story via a new book, appropriately titled In His Own Words.

The tome is due out on February 1 as a hardcover and digitally via Oxford University Press. It consists of 368 pages, along with a colour insert that includes 28 photos.

As you could tell from that title, In His Own Words features the words of Morricone himself, with the book featuring a years-long discussion between the Maestro and fellow composer Alessandro De Rosa about "life, music, and the marvelous and unpredictable ways that the two come into contact with and influence each other."

According to Morricone, the result is "beyond a shadow of a doubt the best book ever written about me, the most authentic, the most detailed and well curated. The truest."

Oxford University Press also has this to say about the book:

Opening for the first time the door of his creative laboratory, Morricone offers an exhaustive and rich account of his life, from his early years of study to genre-defining collaborations with the most important Italian and international directors, including Leone, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Argento, Tornatore, Malick, Carpenter, Stone, Nichols, De Palma, Beatty, Levinson, Almodóvar, Polanski and Tarantino. In the process, Morricone unveils the curious relationship that links music and images in cinema, as well as the creative urgency at the foundation of his experimentations with "absolute music."

Throughout these conversations with De Rosa, Morricone dispenses invaluable insights not only on composing but also on the broader process of adaptation and what it means to be human. As he reminds us, "Coming into contact with memories doesn't only entail the melancholy of something that slips away with time, but also looking forward, understanding who I am now. And who knows what else may still happen."

You can learn more about In His Own Words over here.

While Morricone's works have been treated to countless reissues in recent years, his last proper soundtrack release remains The Hateful Eight for Quentin Tarantino's 2015 film.