HBO Is Releasing an Official Cardboard Box

It's clearly for jerking off, right?
HBO Is Releasing an Official Cardboard Box
The name HBO stands for "home box office," and the prestigious cable network has now made good on that promise by releasing an actual box for your home.

In what certainly feels like a joke but somehow isn't, the network has released a giant black cardboard box that will allow college students to watch HBO (and, clearly, masturbate vigorously) in their shared dorm spaces.

The product, which may as well be called a "jack in the box," is just a black cardboard box with a shelf and some air holes. It's called "the HBO Box," and in an ad announcing the product the company said, "We're so excited to see what you do — or don't — in an HBO Box."

It's such a dumb and funny product that the name Nathan Fielder comes to mind. And that just might make perfect sense. After all, he signed an overall deal with HBO earlier this year.

Watch an ad for HBO's masturbation fort below, where you'll also find details on how to enter to win one.