John Carpenter Unearths His Lost Cues from 'The Thing' for New Release

Ennio Morricone's score is also getting a another vinyl reissue
John Carpenter Unearths His Lost Cues from 'The Thing' for New Release
John Carpenter's The Thing has a long and complicated musical history, with both the director and Ennio Morricone penning music for the 1982 classic but with a lot of the tracks also never actually seeing the light of day. Now Carpenter is trying to right some of those wrongs by releasing Lost Cues: The Thing — a new record featuring modern re-recordings of the his lost music from The Thing. What's more, Morricone's original score is also getting a new vinyl reissue.

To accompany Morricone's score to The Thing, Carpenter famously recorded multiple synth-driven cues for the film. And while the original master recordings of those cues have unfortunately been forever lost, Carpenter has re-recorded the tracks for a new 12-inch, which will arrive as a joint release between Waxwork Records and Sacred Bones on May 5.

Like Carpenter's other more modern releases, he has enlisted his son Cody Carpenter and multi-instrumentalist and co-collaborator Daniel Davies to redo the cues from The Thing.

In a statement, Carpenter said, "Ennio Morricone composed the magnificent score for my movie The Thing. Because we weren't finished editing the movie, Ennio had to score without seeing a complete picture. When we put everything together, there were gaps dramatically where I would have wanted music. So I went off and scored a couple of simple pieces that filled in." 

The Waxwork variant of Lost Cues: The Thing will arrive on 180-gram "Arctic Splatter" (electric blue with cyan splatter) vinyl. It features art by Phantom City Creative.

As for the repressing of Morricone's proper score to The Thing, the release will arrive via Waxwork on 180-gram "Blood Sample" (crystal clear & blood ted colour in color effect with blood red splatter) coloured vinyl. Morricone's The Thing score was previously pressed by Waxwork in 2017, though quickly sold out. The art, also done by Phantom City Creative, will stick to the same as the last pressing.

You can learn more about both releases at the Waxwork website.