'South Park' Episodes Removed from HBO Max over Depictions of Prophet Muhammad

The offending episodes are also not available in Canada on Crave
'South Park' Episodes Removed from HBO Max over Depictions of Prophet Muhammad
South Park is the latest TV series to have past episodes pulled offline, with HBO Max scrubbing all the show's episodes featuring its depiction of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The newly launched HBO streaming service is missing a total of five episodes featuring Muhammad, Deadline reports. The offending episodes in question are also not available on Crave here in Canada.

Of course, the episodes are controversial due to the widespread Islamic belief that depictions of Muhammad are forbidden. And this goes for statues, drawings and cartoons like South Park.

Among the episodes are Season 5's "Super Best Friends" and Season 14's "200" and "201." Also removed are Season 10's "Cartoon Wars Part I" and "Cartoon Wars Part 2."

This isn't the first time the episodes have be taken down from a streaming service. Several of them were pulled from Hulu and were even removed from the South Park website.

Back in 2010, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone also came under fire for the show's depictions of Muhammad, prompting Comedy Central at the time to remove the voice and visual references in several episodes. Eventually, Comedy Central pulled them altogether from streaming.

HBO Max landed the rights to South Park last year in a deal estimated at more than $500 million USD. South Park's most recent instalment was Season 23, but Season 24 is expected to return hopefully later this year.