'South Park' Just Took Down Harvey Weinstein

'South Park' Just Took Down Harvey Weinstein
After taking a week off, South Park returned last night (October 11), and Trey Parker and Matt Stone were in fine fighting form, especially when they took a shot at disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Following rampant allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, Weinstein was roasted big time in South Park's new "Franchise Prequel" episode, where the kids got back into their old superhero/villain personas. In the episode, Professor Chaos (a.k.a. Butters) uses Facebook to spread some fake news to trashtalk his hero rivals.

This eventually leads to a scene where one of the kids is asked why he stopped following a hero's Instagram page. The response is, "Because you victimize innocent people and poop in little girls' mouths." 

When the Coon (a.k.a. Cartman) gets wind of this, though, he says, "That's not true. We're Coon and Friends — not Harvey Weinstein."

Of course, it's no coincidence that the kids are all back in superhero mode. The new South Park videogame South Park: The Fractured But Whole is out Tuesday (October 17).

Amazingly, as Parker and Stone just revealed in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the game has a script as long as two feature films.

"I sat down and played the game all the way through a few weeks ago, and even when you do that it takes 12 hours," Stone said.

"It's 360 pages, so two feature films," Parker added. "It's massive." 

Stone explained, "The script is almost twice as big as [previous game] Stick of Truth."