Barenaked Ladies Treat 'Maroon' to Expanded 20th Anniversary Reissue

The digital version is out now, and the vinyl pre-orders have begun
Barenaked Ladies Treat 'Maroon' to Expanded 20th Anniversary Reissue
Arguably the most notable thing about 2020 is that it's the 20th anniversary of Barenaked Ladies' 2000 album Maroon. To celebrate, the band are reissuing the record on double vinyl and in a deluxe digital edition.

The album takes the original 13-song tracklist (including the hidden song "Hidden Sun") and expands it with five bonus tracks: three B-sides, a demo of "Falling for the First Time" and an alternative version of their Grinch song "Green Christmas."

The exact release date of the vinyl is still to be confirmed, but shipping will begin in early 2021. The deluxe digital reissue is available to stream below.

The double vinyl comes on a 180-gram wax in a gatefold sleeve. A limited number of maroon-coloured LPs will be available. It's available to preorder here.

As an added bonus for fans, the band have released a video for their Maroon hit "Pinch Me" along with new 2020 commentary. See that clip below [via ET Canada].

Maroon 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition:

1. Too Little Too Late
2. Never Do Anything
3. Pinch Me  
4. Go Home
5. Falling for the First Time
6. Conventioneers
7. Sell Sell Sell
8. The Humour of the Situation
9. Baby Seat
10. Off the Hook
11. Helicopters
12. Tonight Is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel
13. Hidden Sun
14. Powder Blue
15. Inline Bowline
16. Born Human
17. Falling for the First Time (Demo)
18. Green Christmas (Alternative Version)