Bif Naked Is Launching Her Own CBD Brand

She's also set to release a new single next month
Bif Naked Is Launching Her Own CBD Brand
Photo: Tim Harmon (left)
Like Drake and Seth Rogen before her, Bif Naked has now entered the cannabis industry with a new line of organic CBD products.

Bif is gearing up for an international expansion of her Mona Lisa Healing, which launched in Canada and the United States last year.

The product line, which specializes in "premium organic, triple lab tested and verified all-hemp cannabidiol," will arrive in Europe and the U.K. this February, ahead of launching in Australia and New Zealand in April.

"So many people, including myself, are used to popping over-the-counter drugs for almost everything," Bif explained in a statement, citing ailments ranging from muscle pain and migraines to anxiety and depression. "And yet, it's absolutely no secret that CBD, according to real-life testimonials, has the proven potential to positively affect these issues, and many more."

Mona Lisa Healing currently offers 30 ml CBD tinctures in varying potencies at three different price points, ranging from $79.99 to $199.99, respectively.

"We want to ensure the benefits of CBD are available to everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status," Bif added. "There's a lot of price gouging in the CBD world and one thing important to me is the belief that great health should be available to every single person within communities around the world, not just an elite market who can afford speciality products and services."

News of Mona Lisa Healing's international expansion comes ahead of a new single from Bif, set to arrive February 14. Her last album was 2009's The Promise.