Brody Dalle "Parties for Prostitutes"

Brody Dalle 'Parties for Prostitutes'
Despite being surrounded by funhouse organs and a candle-heavy cake, Brody Dalle is seemingly enduring a pretty bogus birthday bash in her latest Diploid Love preview, "Parties for Prostitutes."

The track is initially a much mellower offering than "Meet the Foetus"/"Oh the Joy," finding Dalle softly singing about "shackles and chains and growing pains" above the spacious organ tones and waltzing drum machine beat. By song's end, Dalle cranks the amps and lets loose a wrecking ball of power chords and vocal-chord rupturing cries.

"It's a song about betrayal," Dalle told Rolling Stone. "It's a fuck you."

You can piece the narrative together for yourself by streaming the song down below.

As previously reported, Diploid Love drops April 28 through Universal's Caroline imprint.