Container Announces Third 'LP' for Spectrum Spools

Container Announces Third 'LP' for Spectrum Spools
Techno deconstructionist Ren Schofield is keeping the Providence, Rhode Island noise scene alive in his own strange way, adding more and more noise and distortion with each subsequent release as Container. Following last year's Adhesive EP, the artist is back with his third proper full-length.

As with his previous two albums, the release is simply called LP. Once again, it sees him working with experimental imprint Spectrum Spools.

The label says this third LP "is the most explosive offering in the Container oeuvre, capturing the raw and unhinged essence of the live Container experience while exploring new compositional and sonic limits."

The write-up continues, describing the album as "a baffling riddle that can only be admired and never solved" and promising that "Schofield has enigmatically crafted his most insane Container album to be the most architecturally dextrous and club-minded, never compromising his fundamentals while evolving the project in an utterly satisfying fashion."

The seven-song release doesn't arrive until June 8 (pre-order the record here), but you can get a taste of what's in store with the video for album opener "Eject" below.


1. Eject
2. Remover
3. Cushion
4. Absorb
5. Peripheral
6. Appliance
7. Calibrate