Elaquent Worst Case Scenario

Elaquent Worst Case Scenario
Prolific Canadian producer Elaquent has dropped yet another LP, Worst Case Scenario. Like his previous works, the serene 12-track addition to the beatmaker's oeuvre evokes artists like J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Oddisee.
The seamlessness of Elaquent's production is deceptive; multiple listens are required to unveil the complexities of each track. Off-kilter beats, steady bass patterns, lush synth tones and intricately composed melodies combine to create a project that enchants and soothes. Opening track "Nollieflip" epitomizes Elaquent's multilayered production, its combination of xylophone, melodic sighs, and breakneck beats foreshadowing the distinctively diverse sound elements that are woven throughout the project.
Trumpet can be heard more than once in the album ("Caviar" and "Perchance to Dream"), and wavy synths combine with cricket sounds and the flute in jazzy cut "Spur of the Moment." On "Maharaja," one of the only two tracks featuring vocals, A l l i e's sultry voice blends with a gentle piano melody and a midtempo rhythmic pattern comprised of eclectic percussion samples. "Shibuya," which features Japanese producer Budamonk, elucidates the influence that Elaquent's recent travels have had on his creative process.
Worst Case Scenario is an inimitable, undeniable success for Elaquent that allows his raw talent to shine, while boasting a more refined and focused sound than his previous works. (URBNET / Fontana North)