Fennesz Returns with New Solo Album 'Agora'

It marks his first studio effort in five years
Fennesz Returns with New Solo Album 'Agora'
Following a lengthy silence, electronic music vet Fennesz is at last returning with a new solo album. Titled Agora, his first solo full-length in five years will arrive on March 29 via Touch.

The album tracks were produced by Fennesz when he temporarily lost his usual full-studio space, forcing him to relocate a small portion of his setup in a small bedroom. As a press release explains, this led Agora — his seventh solo studio album — to have a more stripped-down sound.

"It was all done on headphones, which was rather a frustrating situation at first but later on it felt like back in the day when I produced my first records in the 1990s," Fennesz said in a statement. "I used very minimal equipment. I didn't even have the courage to plug in all the gear and instruments which were at my disposal. I just used what was to hand."

For a taste of what's in store, you can hear a medley of the album's four tracks below. Fennesz's last proper solo album was 2014's Bécs.


1. In My Room
2. Rainfall
3. Agora
4. We Trigger the Sun