Gruesome "Black Magic" (Slayer cover)

Gruesome 'Black Magic' (Slayer cover)
Well, here's a brain-twister. Gruesome, the new band modeling itself very intentionally after Florida metal greats Death, have just gone ahead and given up a cover of Slayer's "Black Magic." You could look at it as a post-modern experiment of a metal band impersonating a metal band impersonating a metal band, or you could just thrash along to the newly modified tune. Your call.

As you may well expect, Gruesome, ahem, Show No Mercy on their redo. It's delivered at an appropriately blinding pace, and comes full of classic, down-picked guitar chugging. But rather than recreate the blood-curdling high-range rasp of Slayer's Tom Araya, Gruesome flip the script on the banger and present it as if Death's Chuck Schuldiner was growling on the cut.

It's almost as if we were living in an alternate universe where the song actually landed through Scream Bloody Gore instead of Show No Mercy, and right now that's sounding like it wouldn't have been such a bad idea.

You can hear the cover down below, via Metal Injection.