Gruesome Return with 'Dimensions of Horror' EP

Gruesome Return with 'Dimensions of Horror' EP
After issuing their Death-inspired Savage Land debut in 2015, metal manglers Gruesome have announced a new EP release. Set to continue their salute to Chuck Schuldiner and co. is the band's forthcoming Dimensions of Horror.

A press release explains that the six-song set, due May 20 through Relapse, is presented as an homage to Death's 1986 full-length, Scream Bloody Gore. The newer record was cut with producer Jarrett Pritchard at Orlando's New Constellation RMP Studios, and is said to deliver "savage, and irresistible" old-school death metal.

Further aligning themselves with the legacy of Death, Gruesome once again reached out to illustrator Ed Repka (Death, Atheist, Massacre) to deliver cover art. As you can see up above, the sage, one-eyed skeleton prophesier looks to be modelled after the cloaked figure on the cover of Scream Bloody Gore and possibly Death's 1988 follow-up, Leprosy.

A trailer featuring snippets of whip-cracked beats and derelict metal licks can be found below. It shows off a few different vinyl variations being made available by Relapse, as well as a limited-edition cassette release. You find out more about the multiple colourways and bundle options over here.

As previously reported, Gruesome comprises current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa.

Dimensions of Horror:

1. Forces Of Death
2. Raped By Darkness
3. Amputation
4. Hellbound
5. Seven Doors
6. Dimensions Of Horror