Greys 'If Anything' (album stream)

Greys 'If Anything' (album stream)
Following multiple short-form releases over the years, noise-loving Toronto rock unit Greys are finally set to release their debut album If Anything. The record doesn't officially arrive until June 17 via Buzz Records in Canada and Carpark Records in the U.S., but you can already check out a full stream of their rambunctious long-player on

Speaking to Exclaim!, Greys' vocalist/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani calls the album "the first statement of a fully realized band," and in fact, it shows the group embracing their '90s discordant rock influences while forging onto their own crunchy, serrated path.

"It's four guys creating a sound, rather than how we started, which was a couple guys saying, 'Hey, how come we don't hear stuff like this?' and making music based on what you like. It's all about realizing who you want to be," says Jiwani.

Tracks like "Guy Picciotto," a high-energy slice of emotional hardcore named after the Fugazi singer/guitarist, and "Use Your Delusion," with its grungy melancholy, play off each other with conflicting themes of hope and despair. But it's the more upbeat numbers like "Chick Singer" (a musical and lyrical nod to riot grrl purveyors Bikini Kill), the relatively understated melody of "Girl in Landscape" and album closer "Lull" that show Greys have really developed their sound.

You can hear all of these tracks, along with the rest of the album, in the player below.

As previously reported, Greys are headed out on the road this month to support the album. Their North American tour dates can be found below, and you can pre-order the record here.

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Tour dates:

06/18 Toronto, ON - Smiling Buddha
06/20 Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
06/24 Windsor, ON - Phog Lounge
06/25 Grand Rapids, MI - Mulligan's Pub
06/26 Milwaukee, WI - Ground Zero
06/27 Chicago, IL - The Observatory
06/28 Minneapolis, MN - Gen's Dental Office
06/29 Winnipeg, MB - Union Sound Hall
06/30 Saskatoon, SK - Vangelis Tavern
07/01 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar
07/02 Calgary, AB - TBA
07/04 Vancouver, BC - Cobalt
07/06 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge
07/07 Portland, OR - Habesha Lounge
07/09 Oakland, CA - Eli's Mile High
07/10 San Francisco, CA - Honey Hive Gallery
07/11 Fresno, CA - Cafe Infoshop
07/13 Los Angeles, CA - The Crest
07/14 Riverside, CA - Blood Orange Infoshop
07/15 San Diego, CA - Che Cafe
07/16 Phoeniz, AZ - 51West
07/18 Salt Lake City, UT - Shred Shed
07/19 Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
07/20 Kansas City, MO - Vandals
07/21 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge
07/22 St. Louis, MO - Lemp Arts
07/23 Nashville, TN - Stone Fox
07/25 Kalamazoo, MI - Cooper Mansion
07/26 Toronto, ON - SHIBGBs