Le1f "Koi" (video)

Le1f 'Koi' (video)
New York rapper Le1f has offered up the first taste from his in-the-works debut LP, Riot Boi. It's a video for a party track called "Koi," and it has he and his crew getting live in a bubbly outdoor setting .

The video first finds Le1f lounging on a beach chair, but he quickly hops up to detail an in-club encounter with a potential suitor. We learn that the other guy is a rhythmless dancer, but Le1f is at least willing to hear the guy out.

As far as the visuals go, Le1f is dancing and flexing with his squad on sandy beaches filled with floating eyeballs and neon koi fish, not to mention working it in jungle scenes beside a giant, lip-smackin' mouth.

You can catch the well-choreographed kookiness down below. A firm street date has not yet been affixed to Riot Boi.