Lil Nas X Released Some Satanic Nikes and Right-Wing Pundits Are Freaking Out

Nike has also now reportedly filed a lawsuit over the shoes
Lil Nas X Released Some Satanic Nikes and Right-Wing Pundits Are Freaking Out
When it comes to promoting your music, there are plenty of traditional routes you could take involving social networking, blasting out emails and hoping that your tracks will end up in the right hands. Or you could take a page from the Lil Nas X plan book and release some custom Satanic Nikes that include a drop of human blood.

Over the weekend, the rapper announced that he was teaming up with art collective MSCHF for a new pair of edited Nike Air Max sneakers called the "Satan Shoe." The sneaker includes, among other things, a pentagram, a reference to the Luke 10:18 Bible verse about Satan falling from heaven and, apparently, a drop of human blood. 

For what it's worth, Nike did not have anything to do with the shoes. The company confirmed to Snopes that it has nothing to do with the collaboration.

UPDATE (3/29, 5:25 p.m. ET): According to New York Times reporter Kevin Draper, Nike is now suing designer MSCHF over the Satan Shoe. The filing's complaints include trademark infringement, false designation of origin, trademark dilution, and common law trademark infringement.

Regardless of that fact, conservatives everywhere are calling for a Nike boycott as they freak out about the shoes. Right-wing pundits like Candace Owens and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem are among the people speaking out against the shoes:
Even MAGA-loving gun girl Kaitlin Bennett got in on the action, and Lil Nas X had quite a reply:

In fact, the rapper and social media master has been absolutely lapping up the attention, replying to conservative blog posts about the stunt with links to his new Satan-themed single "MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name)." He also made a fake "apology" video and promised to balance things out with some Christian-themed Chick-Fil-A shoes.

Check out some of his posts below.