The Luyas "Moodslayer" (video)

The Luyas 'Moodslayer' (video)
In case the Luyas had slipped off your radar since they released their stellar album Too Beautiful to Work almost a year ago, you can now rekindle your interest with another music video culled from that LP. This trippy clip is for the cut "Moodslayer."

The song covers a lot of sonic ground, shifting from climactic drums to low-key guitar work to tinkling washes of atmosphere. The video is similarly disorienting, as it's mostly composed of flashes of light and swirling animations over and seldom contains anything in the way of recognizable images.

It was masterminded by A Story Told Well/La Blogotheque's Derrick Belcham, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan's Ruby Kato Attwood, and the band's own Jessie Stein, who united under the name Schtuff.

Thanks to AUX/Boooooooom for this one.

The Luyas | Moodslayer | Official Video from A Story Told Well on Vimeo.