The Luyas "Too Beautiful to Work" (video)

The Luyas 'Too Beautiful to Work' (video)
The Luyas' new album is called Too Beautiful to Work, but the Montreal pop experimentalists seem to have been working awfully hard as of late. Not only are they in the midst of a gruelling world tour, but they just rolled out a video for the title track of their new album.

The clip for "Too Beautiful to Work" shows the four-piece singing the song in a room full of flashing lamps, floating balloons and spinning light bulbs. Not much happens, but its the perfect accompaniment to the blissfully pretty pop tune.

Along with the video, the ever-busy Luyas have a split seven-inch with Twin Sister coming out on Record Store Day. It contains the track "When I Am a Woman," plus Twin Sister's "Meet the Frownies."

Too Beautiful to Work is out now in Canada on Idée Fixe Records and in the U.S. on Dead Oceans.