Noah Derksen "Nothing" (video)

Noah Derksen 'Nothing' (video)
Noah Derksen recently released his single "Wilderness of Oregon," and now the Canadian songwriter is gifting us with another new musical offering. The song is called "Nothing," and ahead of its official release, you can watch a music video for the track.

Like with "Wilderness of Oregon," the song was produced by Winston Hauschild (Hannah Georgas, Hey Ocean), with everything captured live off the floor in Vancouver's Afterlife Studios.

In a statement, Derksen had this to say about "Nothing":

There's a specific moment within periods of intimacy in which the rest of the world ceases to exist; the noise is halted, existential questioning lands no meaning, and in sweeps a deep, resounding — and unwavering — contentment. A clarity so pure that seemingly nothing could ever be of more significance. It's in these moments where Nothing was born.

As for the video for "Nothing," it was directed by Farhad Ghaderi, who has crafted an intimate piece of work for the song. You can watch the premiere of the video below.

"Nothing" officially arrives digitally on Friday (May 18).