Omar Souleyman Announces Four Tet-produced Album 'Wenu Wenu'

Omar Souleyman Announces Four Tet-produced Album 'Wenu Wenu'
As previously reported, Syrian electronic culture-hopper Omar Souleyman has recruited Four Tet to produce the entirety of his debut album. Now, he's announced more details from the release.

The record is called Wenu Wenu, and a press release explains that it "combines aspects of Middle Eastern dabkedance music and traditional songs with his own contemporary style."

Further, the writeup says that "Wenu Wenu distills Omar's enthralling live performances into a fury of ascending and descending techno scales punctuated by the iconic voice of Omar Souleyman."

Wenu Wenu will be available on CD, vinyl, as a digital download and on cassette on October 22 via Ribbon Music. Check out the album trailer below.

Wenu Wenu:

1. Wenu Wenu
2. Ya Yumma
3. Nahy
4. Khattaba
5. Warni Warni
6. Mawal Jamar
7. Yagbuni