Omar Souleyman Returns with New Album 'Shlon'

Hear the record's first teaser track "Layle"
Omar Souleyman Returns with New Album 'Shlon'
Just over two years removed from releasing To Syria, with Love, Omar Souleyman has shared details of a follow-up.

The Syrian singer will release new album Shlon through Mad Decent on November 22.

Souleyman's second album for the label runs six tracks in length, and features contributions from keyboardist Hasan Alo and bağlama player Azad Salih on its "techno-meets-dabke" compositions.

As for the album title, Shlon is Arabic for "how" or literally "which colour."

Alongside the announcement, Souleyman has shared LP closer "Layle," which you can hear below. You can find Shlon's illustrated cover art above.


1. Shlon
2. Shi Tridin
3. Mawwal
4. Abou Zilif
5. 3tini 7obba
6. Layle