Pippa Le Temporaire, Hull QC, February 1

Pippa Le Temporaire, Hull QC, February 1
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Billed last year as Pipahauntas, Ottawa-based act Pippa once again had the duty of opening up Megaphono festival, but with none of the issues that affected her set last year at St Alban's Church. What a difference a year makes.
This time, set in DIY space Le Temporaire on Wednesday night (February 1), the choice of venue was much better suited to her music, and made her performance feel all that more intimate. This year, her sounds connected
Standing beneath makeshift cutouts and bunting instead of vaulted ceilings, Pippa looked and sounded more at home. The small space fit around 30 to 40 people comfortably, giving Pippa's candyfloss melodies more bodies to connect with and an incredible immediacy to her songs. The physicality and grooves of her sampled beats triggered bodies in motion and heads nodding in unison.
Up close, Pippa's voice was loud and clear, though still delicate enough to fit the bedroom R&B label. Given how the rest of last year's festival turned out following Pippa's set, and that she's one of a few artists returning this year, it's not unusual to think that she might just be Megaphono's good luck charm — and a sign of what's to come.