Project Pablo Announces 'Come to Canada You Will Like It' LP

Hear the new album track "Fine Match" now
Project Pablo Announces 'Come to Canada You Will Like It' LP
After sharing his There's Always More at the Store EP earlier this year, Project Pablo (a.k.a. Patrick Holland) has now revealed a new full-length album.

Titled Come to Canada You Will Like It, the album is set to arrive June 22. You can find the LP's cover art above, which Holland has confirmed to be an original illustration.

Ten tracks in length, the album will see release through Verdicchio Music Publishing, a new label started by Holland, Jump Source, 2 Responsible, Rest Corp and 8prn.

"Come to Canada You Will Like It is a record about slowing down while finding a balance between rural and city living," Holland wrote in a statement. It is "inspired by subjective memories and ideas about things and places: Looking back and moving forward."

Ten percent of the album's Bandcamp sales will be donated to Kwi Awt Stelmexw, a Vancouver-based not-for-profit arts and education organization for the Squamish people.

Read through the tracklist to hear album closer "Fine Match" below.

Come to Canada You Will Like It:

1. Intro
2. No Interest
3. Rent Day
4. Just A Thought
5. Tunstall
6. Half Time
7. Nanana
8. To Sealeigh And Back
9. It's Okay That It's Like This
10. Fine Match