Ryan Adams Fans Want Refund Ahead of U.K. Tour

Ryan Adams Fans Want Refund Ahead of U.K. Tour
Ryan Adamsabuse scandal continues to grow as artists like Phoebe BridgersJenny Lewis, La Sera and Mandy Moore have all weighed in on the singer-songwriter's alleged behaviour. Now, ahead of his upcoming U.K. tour, fans want their money back.

As the BBC reports, fans are asking for refunds in the wake of Adams' abuse scandal, which include allegations of emotional abuse, as well as allegations of an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl.

"Reading the allegations upset me quite a lot and I decided I didn't want any of my money to go to Ryan Adams in the future," Emma Buff told the BBC. "I've tried to get a refund on the ticket [and] I've yet to hear anything back."

No ticketing websites have replied to the BBC's request for comment, although a consumer expert Kate Hobson said, "Ticket holders who change their mind for whatever reason about going to see a concert have no legal right to a refund."

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