Sorrey "My Fault" (video)

Sorrey 'My Fault' (video)
East Coast synth-pop unit Sorrey delivered their debut EP Thick as Thieves last year, and now the band have given some visual treatment to "My Fault" from the same record.
"The song is about a white-flag approach to an argument and resorting to the path of least resistance," frontwoman Emilee Sorrey tells Exclaim! "There's a certain immediate relief in surrender, and the video aims to capture the melancholic nature of this type of resolve."
Focusing on the singer submerged in a clawfoot bathtub, the whole clip is shot from a single angle "to evoke the often helpless and monotonous existence that results from relying on this passive approach to conflict."
You can catch the band live at their upcoming Halifax show on March 11 at the Seahorse Tavern. Before that, though, check out the exclusive video premiere of "My Fault" in the player below.