The Hold Steady Detail Deluxe 'Almost Killed Me' and 'Separation Sunday' Reissues

The Hold Steady Detail Deluxe 'Almost Killed Me' and 'Separation Sunday' Reissues
Following the earlier announcement that the Hold Steady would soon be reissuing their earliest LPs, the indie rock force have now announced the details behind the deluxe editions of 2004's Almost Killed Me and 2005's Separation Sunday.

Pre-orders just launched for the revamps, which both land November 11 through Frenchkiss Records. Vinyl re-pressings for the albums will be presented as they were upon their initial release, but CD and digital versions will feature a few bonus cuts. The LP editions will, however, come with download cards to grant vinyl junkies access to the extra digital tracks.

The expanded version of 2004's Almost Killed Me is being filled out to include the band's "Milkcrate Mosh"/"Hey Hey What Can I Do" 7-inch, and a handful of tracks that had originally only been made available on an Australian pressing of their debut LP.

As for the deluxe edition of Separation Sunday, the six extra tracks include four early demos and previously unreleased pieces "212-Margarita" and "The Most Important Thing."

You'll find more info on the releases and the various bundle packages over here.

As previously reported, the Hold Steady have also reunited with old keyboardist Franz Nicolay to play some 10th anniversary shows behind 2006's Boys & Girls in America. They'll play four sold out shows in Brooklyn this December, following a stop at Toronto Urban Roots Festival this weekend (September 18).

Almost Killed Me Deluxe:

1. Positive Jam 
2. The Swish 
3. Barfruit Blues 
4. Most People Are DJs 
5. Certain Songs 
6. Knuckles 
7. Hostile, Mass. 
8. Sketchy Metal 
9. Sweet Payne 
10. Killer Parties 
11. Milkcrate Mosh # 
12. Hot Fries # 
13. Curves and Nerves # 
14. You Gotta Dance # 
15. Modesto Is Not That Sweet # 

Separation Sunday Deluxe:

1. Hornets! Hornets! 
2. Cattle and the Creeping Things 
3. Your Little Hoodrat Friend 
4. Banging Camp 
5. Charlemagne In Sweatpants
6. Stevie Nix 
7. Multitude of Casualties 
8. Don't Let Me Explode 
9. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night 
10. Crucifixion Cruise 
11. How a Resurrection Really Feels 
12. 212-Margarita # 
13. The Most Important Thing # 
14. Cattle and the Creeping Things (Demo) # 
15. Charlemagne in Sweatpants (Demo) # 
16. Crucifixion Cruise (Guitar Demo) # 
17. Crucifixion Cruise (Piano Demo) # 

# CD and digital bonus tracks