The Jerry Cans Inuusiq/Life

The Jerry Cans Inuusiq/Life
Like the previous albums (Nunavuttitut and Aakuluk) from Iqaluit band the Jerry Cans, Inuusiq/Life centres on life in the arctic. On the rousing "Iqqanaijarumanngittunga," husband and wife Nancy Mike and Andrew Morrison share feelings of discontentment over how their jobs get in the way of spending time on the land, while "Nirliit" — on which Mike's throat singing and Gina Burgess' fiddle spin with great intensity — is an appeal to the Northern youth to see beauty in the world.
In the album's dazzling first single "Ukiuq" — whose English version "Northern Lights" appears at the end of the album — Mike's throat singing provides the song's beating heart as Morrison sings about being lovesick in the arctic.
For the majority of Inuusiq/Life, the Jerry Cans overflow with an infectious energy, but there are times when the band seemingly can't stave off their sadness, and grow mournful. Standout track "Arnalukaq" is a tender piano ballad that reminds Nunavut women who are in or have been in an abusive relationship that they are beautiful and strong, and "Tusaavit," an instrumentally bare yet emotionally rich song, is a commemoration of Mike's late father and master hunter. 
Inuusiq/Life is a meeting place. Here, reggae, folk and rock dance with the richly corporal tones of Inuk throat singing. Inuktitut is the main language spoken but, like the faint sounds of the arctic that trickle in, everyone is welcome. (Aakuluk Music)