Vancouver's Skye Wallace Plots 'Living Parts'

Vancouver's Skye Wallace Plots 'Living Parts'
Vancouver songwriter Skye Wallace's upcoming album is called Living Parts, but an announcement ironically notes that it's "about dead things."

Due out April 12, the album was produced by Spencer Carson (Kyprios, Dead Soft), with recording taking place in Egmont, BC. During the sessions, Wallace was backed by a full band, with contributors including Miss Quincy, Blair Hansen (Good for Grapes), Alex Hauka (Good for Grapes, Wooden Horseman), John Sponarski (Portage & Main) and others.

A press release describes the album like this: "Simultaneously visceral and ethereal, the tracks on Living Parts are a collection of strikingly personal portraits of characters at their most vulnerable, exposing the messy, fragile 'parts' that make them alive, or, in some cases, not quite alive."

For a taste of what she's cooked up, hear the album cuts "Dead Things Pt. II" and "Klondike" below. Both tunes begin as sparse folk numbers before swelling up with distortion and atmospheric textures,

Wallace has a Canadian tour planned for this spring. She will make stops in Vancouver (April 12), Halifax (May 14) and Toronto (June 4), and more dates will be confirmed in due course.